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Class Title Short Class Description SCA Title SCA Name Length
*YOU* can make an embroidered pouch! Brick Stitch (aka Satin Stitch) emboidered pouches have a luxurient feel, and are a type of pouch which anyone who lived from 1300 on could have worn. Fairly easy to make, this class will go over the history of them a bit, and will then teach you how to make your own pouch, including how to do the stitching. Handouts will be available (for a goodwill donation). Lord Miklos Farma 1 hour
Adjustable Loaner Garb A class covering several different attempts at styles of loaner garb with concessions and modifications made to produce adjustable loaner garb for a range of sizes. Also identifying some styles that are more conducive to this use and that move newcomers beyond the ?new member t-tunic?.?? Master Vincent De Vere 1 hour
Anglo Saxon Men's Clothing An overview of Anglo Saxon men's clothing. Mistress Thora Sigurdsdottir 1 hour
Anglo Saxon Women's Clothing An overview of Anglo Saxon women's clothing. Mistress Thora Sigurdsdottir 1 hour
Archaeology and Roman Fashion An exploration of Roman women's fashions from 1st to 4th Century
Using mosaics, sculpture and paintings.
Honorable Lady Neathery of Safita 2 hours
Armscye Meets Sleevehead: Sleeves That Fit In closely-fitted garments, getting sleeves that aren't baggy while still having range of motion can be a challenge.? I will discuss creating a basic sleeve from scratch, principles for getting the shape you want, and adjusting a garment around the arm hole for better fit and comfort.? Lecture/demonstration format; handouts will include step-by-step instructions to draft your own. Honorable Lady Catrijn vanden Westhende 1 hour
Basic Sewing Techniques Basic hand sewing techniques. Honorable Lady Moire inghean Neill 1 hour
Beginning Embroidery Learn the following basic period embroidery stitches: Stem, Split, Chain, Couching and the Bayeux. If you want to bring your own groundcloth, scissors and needles, that is great.? If you don't have these, no worries, supplies and threads will be provided.?? Contesse Issabell St. Charles 1 hour
Burgundian Gowns Slide-show plus instructions: First, a survey of pictures of what we often call the Burgundian gown; a V-necked dress from the second half of the fifteenth century Europe, most notably France and Burgundy, with variations around the rest of Europe. A detailed discussion (with diagrams) of patterning and construction will follow the pictorial survey. Discussion of fabrics will also be included. Hertogin Magdalena vander Meere 1 hour
Button, Button, Who's Got the Button A class on simple and quick techniques to historical handmade buttons that will leave you putting buttons on all your garb. Minimizing all those scraps of fabric we all know we have piles of. :D
This is a hands on class. Materials will be provided first come first serve.?
Lady Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla 1 hour
Caps and Wraps Not all women wore long, flowing veils!? This class will present an overview of alternative styles for women in western Europe in later period (roughly 13th-16th centuries).? Focus is on linen and foundation-layer headwear, not hats or other accessories. Honorable Lady Catrijn vanden Westhende 1 hour
Clothier's Garb Open Forum This is a chance for anyone to come bring projects you are stuck on, or just wanting to get ideas on starting new garb.? I will have research books, and paper for making patterns, however if you have sources you are wanting to bring please feel free.? Please come and go as you please.   Amalie Helena 2 hours
Clothing 600 to 1600 Clothing 600 to 1600 , European, Asian, Mid-East, & African. Teaching aid are 48 dolls. Byblio. handouts. Honorable Lady Brigit of Dublin 2 hours
Clothing of al Andalus A survey of the clothing, textiles and accessories of al Andalus based on the 12 th Century Libro de los Juegos and the 13th century Hadith of Bayad and Riyad. Qadiya Catalina de Arazuri 1 hour
Creating a Bodice Mockup Through Draping A hands on class taught by Agnes von Heidelberg and Zaneta Baseggio where students will be able to work to create a custom bodice mockup. Students will need approximately 2 yards of muslin or other mock up fabric(extra to make a second mock up from the first may be helpful), dress pins, scissors, a measuring tape, and some sort of marking device such as tailor's chalk. Students will need to be able to 'undress' to their base layer for accurate fitting. Close work with fellow students will be required as this is not something one can do on their own. A handout with instructions for reminding you how to do this without us in the future will be provided. Lady Agnes von Heidelberg 2 hours
Dressing the Vestal Virgin A head-to-toe look of the Vestal Virgins - the keepers of the sacred Vestal flame of Ancient Rome. Honorable Lady Konstantia Kaloethina 1 hour
Embroidery Pattern Transfer Discussion of the various methods of pattern transfer for embroidery designs to adorn clothing. There will be examples of different methods to see and try.? Countess Elspeth of Stonehaven 1 hour
Geometric Tunic Patterning Learn how to take measurements for a geometric tunic and apply it to make a workable pattern.? Honorable Lady Roise inghean ui Rhauidhrei 1 hour
Gussets and Gores and Godets This class will be a hands-on workshop to learn how to insert gussets, gores, and godets.? There will be a $3.00 class fee to cover the cost of printing handouts, providing fabric, and all materials/supplies. There will not be a limit to how many may attend, but I will only have materials for 10 students.? Her Ladyship Caitlin Nic Raighne 2 hours
Hand Sewing for Children A quick how-to of basic sewing stitches taught by Kim and overseen by several adults - children 7+ are welcome, or at the parent's descretion.? Needles will be used!? Adults to help their children with the stitches is also a good idea.? A donation of $1 for materials is welcome.??   Kim Sarsfield 1 hour
hands on Shisha (mirror emboirdery) Have you ever wanted to add mirrors to fabric but didn't know how?? You do not need a special cage to hold them down.? It is easy to bind flat objects to cloth with thread.? Kits are available for donation.? Kits do not contain embroidery hoops.? They are optional but helpful.?? Honorable Lady Lisette la fauconiere d'Amboise 1 hour
Hoods - It's the Height of Fashion! Learn the history of hoods.? Construction tips for three basic period hoods will be displayed and discussed.? Life size patterns are available to copy, so bring a roll of wrapping paper. Contesse Issabell St. Charles 1 hour
How Low Can You Go?? Overview of Necklines Throughout the SCA Period How much cleavage is appropriate for your persona? A look at ladies clothing neckline heights from Ancient Rome to the 16th Century, using artwork for reference.? Various ages as well as classes of women will be discussed, including courtesans and other "ahem - working women" as well as peasant, middle class and upper classes.? Please be aware this class involves artwork depicting women in various stages of undress, as well as frank discussions about women's anatomy.? Attendee discretion advised.? The Honorable Lady Constance Wilkicke 1 hour
Intro to Latvian Women's Garb An overview of the clothing and jewelry worn by women of the major tribes of Latvia in the 8th-12th centuries. Brief discussion of what constitutes a uniquely Baltic aesthetic or style and how that differs from the neighboring cultures. Lady Margery of Penrith 1 hour
Late Period Beadwork This class will focus on the history of beadwork.? Although some early pieces will be covered, the class will focus primarily on the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and will cover various cultures.? There will be discussion on the design aesthetic, types of beads used in period, and techniques for applying beads to fabric.? Please note this will not be a hands on class.??? Lady Juliana della Rena 1 hour
Patterning a Birka Hangerok We will pattern out the Birka style hangerok (like Mistress Jorunn wears). Bring 2.5-3 yards of patterning fabric, a measuring tape, chalk and your scissors. Limit of 12.? Honorable Lady ? Hrefna Hallberudottir 2 hours
Pick-up Inkle/Narrow Wares This class will teach you how to read a pattern (from the Inkle Pattern Directory by Anne Dixon), and do basic pick up. If you would like to warp your loom for a basic pattern, bring your loom and materials needed.
It is helpful to have a basic knowledge of inkle weaving prior to this class.
Honorable Lady Nesscia inghenn Chearnaigh 2 hours
Pouches! Pouches! Pouches! How and where do you carry your small stuff at events? Where do you keep your keys, money, ID? How do you hide your cell phone? Come to a class where we will look at what types of pouches were used throughout the SCA period, and where you can go to find infomation directly useful to your own persona. Handouts will be available (goodwill donation requested) Lord Miklos Farma 1 hour
The Changing Fashions of the English Hood Often referred to as a bonnet in period sources, we will examine the changing fashions of the hat also known as the English or Gable Hood. Class will also discuss construction methods and materials for creating this form of headwear.? Honorable Lady Sibilla Swaine 1 hour
The Evolution of the French Hood An examination of the fashion evolution of the French Hood throughout the 16th century. This class will primarily focus on English accounts as well as cover period and modern construction theory and methods.? Honorable Lady Sibilla Swaine 1 hour
Tips, tricks, and sites to get around the overwhelming junk of the Internet and find what you want faster; or How to Make Your Research Easier Will cover places to avoid as your starting place, good databases to start, how to maximize Google, and why State Libraries are your friend.? Lord Nakos 2 hours
Weaving Cloth for Clothing Discussion of the needs and consideration of fiber content, fiber size, choice of patterns, choice of width, and other issues when weaving cloth for clothing. Baroness Marguerite des Baux 1 hour
Where are They From? A Comparison of Middle Eastern Clothing A general overview of Turkish, Persian and Berber clothing in period and how to tell by sight where the clothing is from. Honorable Lady Roise inghean ui Rhauidhrei 1 hour